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Jul 15, 2014
Five Business Cases for Enriching Spend Data

Investing in technology should lead to savings and efficiency, but without the right quality of data, this quickly becomes a limited and frustrating venture. Today, the capabilities of the cloud, combined with an ever-increasing volume of data, offers business leaders numerous routes to turn spend analytics into an accessible source of enterprise value. We’ve developed […]

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Jun 27, 2014
Why the Cloud is Killing Technology

Cloud computing has the potential to radically alter the way organizations buy and use technology – especially in this era of analytics, when both business and IT leaders are struggling with how to harvest and get value from large volumes of data. Charles Green, an analyst at Forrester Research, has written about this issue, stating […]

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Jun 19, 2014
Spend Data: Where Connections are Key

For too long, data was seen as something not to be trusted, and the old adage of “lies, damned lies and statistics” rang all too true, but, slowly but surely, we’re seeing an evolution in the mindset of organizations – focusing more on the “why” than the “what” and understanding the value data analytics can […]

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