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Big data is ultimately the most valuable untapped asset your organization has. However, it is only useful if you can tame it and make it all come together in a way that makes it meaningful and valuable. 

At Rosslyn Analytics we can help you do this.

Forget paying through the nose for extortionate, slow on-premise IT solutions. Because now, non-technical business users, keen to embrace all that the big data revolution has to offer, can finally access, change and analyze all information – derived from all data sources – on one cloud data platform – immediately.

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We want to take you on a journey. We want to open your eyes and help you exploit the data you currently have, the data your colleagues have and the data in the wider universe. It is easier and faster than ever before using our RAPid Big Data Cloud Analytics Platform.

Product Data

If you harness the value of product data your organization will be the most innovative in launching intelligent new products and services that people will want to buy. Businesses who develop products without utilizing all that product data has to offer will become the most irrelevant. 

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Customer Data

Customers are your lifeblood and understanding their behavior is a must. If you are not using internal and external sources of customer data, and sharing this data across your business, your organization will be left behind.

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Finance Data

When combined with other forms of internal and external data, finance data will enable all departments across your organization to propel growth, increase profitability, retain staff, remain compliant and prevent fraud. 

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Employee Data

Employee data will benefit your entire organization, generating unseen insights, which lead to the kinds of actions that enhance employee excellence and productivity, improve motivation, and ruffle the feathers of competitors.

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Supply Chain Data

Supply chain data is a powerful source of information to help you manage logistics, distribution, risk and suppliers. When integrated with other forms of data, its power extends to enrich procurement, marketing, products, accounts, HR and sales team decisions. 

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Spend Data

Spend data is valuable as it drives product prices, improves processes, influences cash flow, enhances compliance, affects reputation and mitigates organizational risk. When combined with other forms of information, its value can extend to accounts, marketing, operations, sales and product teams.

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Whip your data into shape

Use the Integration, Cleansing and Enrichment (ICE) self service tools within our RAPid Big Data Cloud Analytics Platform to unlock and intelligently harness powerful insights from all forms of data – in minutes not weeks.

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