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Advance your sales productivity by gaining definite insight into your entire sales pipeline.

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The Sales challenge

To shorten the sales cycle and maximise cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, it is vital you get to know your customers as individuals by gathering every bit of information you can on them. No easy task when your data is fragmented across various sales and marketing automation wizardries, CRM systems and spreadsheets – not to mention LinkedIn! And, without complete visibility over your prospects, customers and partners, sales opportunities remain hidden, pipeline visibility is shrouded and sales performance slumps.

Personalize each business relationship to your client’s needs

Everything you need to identify new prospects, convert leads into opportunities and keep on top of what your customers think and say about you can easily be instantly captured for immediate use. Just add and connect all your data sources on our RAPid Cloud Analytics Platform. This is user-driven (you don’t need us) ‘analytics as a self-service’ – and the joined-up view will enable you to flexibly tailor your offer to each client with a response speed that keeps them happy and you competitive.

Clients tell us they just can’t replicate the data they have on RAPid because they've made it so personalised it gives them huge competitive edge. This is down to ‘ICE’ — our unique set of powerful data integration, cleansing and enrichment tools which incorporate ‘machine-learning’ technologies.

Not only can you explore, manipulate and transform your data with an interface that learns from you, but your whole team can interact with that data, adding their collaborative, transactional and personal knowledge. Better still, RAPid’s scientific analytical capability means you no longer have to use ‘gut’ as a strategic compass to estimate the impact of different market forces, you’ll get predictive customer insight that will help you prioritize your sales efforts.

One Platform. Complete Sales Visibility

By putting all your data in a single place, you’ll enjoy new levels of insight by collaborating with colleagues internally to continually improve the quality of the data loaded into the RAPid Cloud Data Platform. You won’t lose out on sales opportunities because you’ll have complete control and visibility over who is influencing purchasing decisions, understand what your prospect cares about, why a particular customer is unresponsive and so much more. Ultimately you’ll be able to focus your efforts on cultivating long-term, profitable business relationships by making it easy for customers to work with you.


Uncover actionable information to optimize sales performance

  • Analyze performance of the sales team at every stage of sales cycle
  • Know the conversion rates of leads to prospects, prospects to opportunities, opportunities to closed deals
  • Track top performers and tailor their incentive structure based on closed opportunities


Get real-time, in-context visibility  into the entire sales process, from prospect to “win”

  • Assess conversion of opportunities based on industry, organization size, product, geography
  • Strategically segment and profile customers to focus more on customers that are most likely to purchase
  • Unmatched visibility into your customers as well as their profitability 


Analyze and track what opportunities are in your funnel 

  • Qualify customers through information gathering to target them for cross-selling/up-selling opportunities
  • Analyze opportunities by value and close date
  • Analyse closed vs. won opportunities and closed vs. lost opportunities

What sales can do on the RAPid platform

Automate extraction of data from any source sales and marketing automation system, CRM, spreadsheets etc.

Integrate with data from, marketing, finance and operations to create a single relevant repository with our self-service tools

Improve data quality through the optimum blend of machine-learning and human-interaction

De-duplicate customer names, addresses, job titles

Assess and fix incorrect and incomplete email addresses using automated data cleansing tools

Augment data with third-party sources such as D&B, Experian, Hoovers etc. (credit card scores, ultimate parent)

Automate the classification and categorization of data in real-time e.g. based on product classes the customer has brought them

Further enrich data by collecting additional qualitative / quantitative data using surveys

Create and share dashboards, scorecards and maps to measure sales KPIs and metrics such as revenue vs. target, margin, sales by region, sales by product etc.

Interactive dashboards provide view of leads, prospects and customers

Create personalized self-service reports in minutes

Value of Data for Sales

Core Sales Data   External Data Sources   Business Value
Sales data 


Campaign data 


Send targeted message to prospects/customers with different interests
Sales data 


Market data 


Maximize revenues by creating single, dynamic view of customers 
Sales data 


Customer surveys data


Improve sales and customer service levels by listening to the experiences of customers
Sales data 


Pricing information data


Apply timely discounts to potential customers and existing clients
Sales data


Revenue data


Identify sales people who positively contribute to the business and those who cost money

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