Use your data. It will give you competitive edge.

Now you can align your HR metrics with strategic business goals, attract, engage, reward and retain top talent, develop future leaders, accurately forecast future staffing needs and improve your corporate culture. Simply add and connect all your data on RAPid and you and your team will have instant, access to unified HR data and metrics – from individuals as well as other departments. 

RAPid empowers you. You can easily personalize your data by adding your own knowledge or third party intelligence – D&B, Experian – to make it specific, relevant and valuable to your organization. All without need of IT support.

One Platform. Complete HR visibility.

Your employees are your organization’s most valuable asset. RAPid gives you the agility to improve the quality of your data on the fly so you can quickly discover and share insights that help you manage and optimize your human capital investment effectively. Make smarter, faster, informed decisions that lead to better productivity. Here are a few examples.


Get invaluable insight about your employees and predict organizational success

  • Conduct employee satisfaction surveys and integrate data from other sources
  • Establish training initiatives of employees and use this to raise employee performance and productivity
  • Identify factors that lead to greater employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Improve employee satisfaction and productivity by analyzing how people work


Collect data about your organization’s compensation and benefits

  • Quickly assess the success of your compensation and reward programs
  • Compare your benefits and compensation structure with market data
  • Analyze how compensation and training programs affect business performance
  • Create, manage and monitor benefits programs for individuals, departments and on an organizational basis


Retain and develop key talent by recognizing workforce requirements

  • Discover the reasons for employee churn and identify top performers at risk of leaving
  • Establish effective training and career development initiatives
  • Create predictive models to determine short and long-term strategies for hiring, retaining and developing top talent

What HR can do on the RAPid platform

Automate extraction of data from any source - recruitment software, payroll software, training software, learning management software and more

Improve data quality through the optimum blend of machine-learning and human-interaction

De-duplicate data such as employee names

Assess and fix incorrect and incomplete employee records, salary data, benefits data using automated data cleansing tools

Augment data with third-party financial, socio-economic and geo-demographic sources such as D&B and Experian for diversity information

Automate the classification and categorization of data in real-time e.g based on demography like income age etc

Create and share dashboards, scorecards and maps to measure HR KPIs and metrics such as training costs, HR budget metrics, recruitment metrics, employee productivity

Interactive dashboards provide insight on employees across different departments Create personalized self-service reports in minutes

Discover how HR can get more value from data

Core HR Data   External Data Sources   Business Value
HR data 


Personal reviews data 


Rapidly move talent from entry level to senior leadership
HR data 


Recruitment and retention data 


Improve business performance and gain best value for money employees  
HR data 


Fraud data


Prevent lost revenue and reputational damage
HR data 


Engagement data


Avoid high staff turnover costs
HR data


Professional development data


Improve employee loyalty and productivity
HR data


Brand reputation data


Be known for having the best employees and attract the best candidates

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