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We are pioneering big data analytics-as-a-service.

Organizations that work with us get what they want quickly from their data, i.e., if something isn’t working, the course can be quickly adjusted to deliver ultimate success at a fraction of the cost. You no longer have to spend 80% of your time and costs on big data infrastructure versus 20% of your time and budget exploring that data. Welcome to the world of Rosslyn Analytics, where anything is possible.

Cloud-based big data solutions

The average cost of a big data project is expected to rise to $6 million over the next two years as companies invest more in hardware, software and training, according to a survey conducted by Dell.  Great for vendors, but not so for companies who want to exploit the value in the explosion of data.

What Dell’s research is actually telling us, is that far too few organizations realize what they can achieve with today’s cutting-edge technologies and agile delivery models such as cloud computing.  

The time has come for doing ‘differently’. Companies no longer need to pay yesterday’s extortionate prices to get their big data analytics to perform today.

A faster, more affordable way for business and technology leaders to plan, test and run big data initiatives (once reserved for only the largest enterprises in the world) is at your fingertips.

Want to be a data leader?

Engraining a data culture across an organisation and extracting real business value is a top priority for businesses. Information Age presents eight attributes of a true data leader

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The Art of the Possible - How to create value from your different data sources

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"RAPid has accelerated my team’s ability to support the business because we no longer have to manage tactical tasks such as running databases as it’s all delivered as a service in the platform. This has saved our business analytics team a great deal of time, allowing them to focus on more strategic value-added projects aligned to customer satisfaction."

Tim Valmas, IT Director at Octopus Investments

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