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be ready for GDPR on May 25, 2018

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Locate your data

Our intelligent tools automatically find and map the personal data you hold across your entire organization on data subjects (people).

Aggregate your data

Centralize your disparate data sources into a single data warehouse by leveraging future-proof technologies for complete visibility of customers, employees and suppliers.

Organize your data

Make sense of the large amounts of personal data, its inter-relationships, location, access and sensitivity, which will streamline your ability to effectively manage your enterprise data management (EDM) program.

Search your data

Effectively respond to Subject Access Requests by using an easy search and find capability that meets the needs of requesters and your data processors (employees).

Improve your data quality

Enhance the quality, status and relevancy of your data beyond just your GDPR compliance so you improve business performance.

Analyze your data

Exceed minimum reporting on high visibility of GDPR-related activities using advanced suite of self-service analytics tools.

Manage your data

Establish corporate and data governance best practices with integrated case management and document collaboration solutions.

We have an ISO-certified systematic approach to helping you comply with GDPR, which empowers you to assess, design, implement, secure and manage your data and business processes. 

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