The Value of Supply Chain Data

Unleash insight from your supply chain to create business enhancing innovation that goes way beyond just more efficiencies.

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Use seamless data for a seamless supply chain

How do I reduce inventory levels while improving customer service?
How do I get products to market faster and more efficiently? 
How do I identify and monitor potential supply chain disruptions?

Depending on the organization, supply chain data includes information such as warehouse inventory, category intelligence, manufacturing parts, and logistics options – all useful pieces of data to help answer some of the questions above.

But is this enough? What if you require detailed analysis for more accurate decision-making? What if other departments in your organization could make better decisions by also utilizing supply chain data? 

Get an end-to-end perspective from your supply chain data

Supply chain data is not only invaluable for the management of spend with suppliers and associated risks. Once shared and integrated with other forms of information from both within, and external to, your organization, it can also lead to improved marketing, product, accounts and sales team decisions. Here are some examples:

• By combining data from the tracking sensors placed on distribution trucks with external weather and traffic data, your supply chain team can improve delivery times and customer service.
• By combining warehouse inventory and shipping schedules, your supply chain team can automate sourcing and product replenishment, thereby meeting product demands and ensuring revenue is not lost as a result of out-of-stock products.

Go BIG or go home…

To realize the value of supply chain datasets, to understand what supply chain information is available, who collects it, how it is collected; and to effectively share this data across your organization, use Rosslyn Analytics’ RAPid cloud data platform and its Integration, Cleansing and Enrichment (ICE) tools.

Take a look at our infographic below and our examples below to see how supply chain data could be
integrated with other sources of internal and external data.

The art of the possible with supply chain data

To get you started, we’d like to share how we see and map out the value of supply chain data. This unique research showcases some of the insights you can create by accessing, connecting and sharing supply chain analytics, for example, across your organization. It maps out what business objectives can be achieved – so you know exactly where to focus your efforts in order to deliver true business value, in real time, not weeks.

Supply Chain Risk Management Goes Global

Natural disasters, geo-political events and employee fraud are just three of many threats facing organizations today. In 99% of the cases, business leaders respond to these circumstances after the fact.

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