The Value of Employee Data

Discover how insights from your employee data can help you recruit and retain staff, increase productivity and build a strong, reliable workforce.

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Recruit and retain key people through data innovation

How do I motivate and retain top talent?
How do I streamline the recruitment process and focus on ideal candidates?
How do I ensure workforce productivity levels are higher than all competitors?

Traditional employee data such as personal reviews, sickness records, timesheets, payroll information and training guides will help answer your questions, but not in any great depth. And certainly not with the insights needed to make decisions to reduce employee costs, maintain a productive workforce, and propel organizations ahead of competitors. 

Make employee data more powerful for your entire organization

While tried-and-tested internal sources of data aid employee management, it’s time to embrace the philosophies of ‘big data’ when using information to make better decisions.

By combining internal and external datasets – such as product team data, external salary surveys, manufacturing productivity metrics, and GPS tracking systems – you are able to glean new insights.


Organizational benefits through data collaboration

Get started by combining employee information with previously unused types of data such as financial forecast reports, supply chain information, external salary surveys and manufacturing productivity metrics.

This will result in you defining a new standard in employee excellence. It will also make the working lives of your colleagues in operations, accounts, marketing, product and supply chain much easier because they will have access to new insights at the touch of a finger.

Take a look at our infographic to see how your employee information can be integrated with other sources of internal and external data to generate beneficial outcomes.

The possibilities and uses of employee data are endless… and exciting! The prospect of falling behind by not utilizing all forms of data is frightening.


The art of the possible with employee data

To get you started, we’d like to share how we see and map out the value of employee data. This unique research showcases some of the insights you can create by accessing, connecting and sharing HR analytics, for example, across your organization. It maps out what business objectives can be achieved – so you know exactly where to focus your efforts in order to deliver true business value, in real time, not weeks.

It Pays to Get Engaged with Employees

Talk to any HR professional and it’s not long before the ‘e’word – engagement – is mentioned. It’s an awful word for what can be a powerful business tool. There are few successful chief executives out there who don’t recognize the importance of cracking the code to individual employee engagement.

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