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RAPid One-Click Data Analytics

The first of many SaaS solutions will change how you work. Forever!

Simply load your data into the market-leading cloud platform,
RAPid, and in minutes you will be able to visualize AND improve its quality in real-time

RAPid One-Click Spend Analytics empowers you, the business user,
like never before

Normalize and 
cleanse supplier names

Tag and 
classify data

Connect data to
third-party information

Quickly and easily load data into RAPid in minutes:

Start to automatically extract SAP data with RAPid Extract Studio 

Hugh Cox

Chief Data Officer - Rosslyn

“Integrating disparate data sources into a single view is one of the biggest challenges for organizations.  RAPid Extract Studio is the fastest way to automatically extract data from SAP software so there are no more costly delays in getting insight from analytics.” 

Easily load data whenever you want using RAPid CSV Loader 

Paul Damen

Consultant - Finext

“Where a traditional BI product installation would take days or even weeks, Rosslyn Analytics makes data discovery go-live in minutes.” 

Eliminate time and cost.

No more data wrangling

No more building data schemas

No more designing dashboards

Product Sheet: RAPid One-Click Spend Analytics

From Raw Data to Visualization and Data Mining in Minutes

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