Supplier Performance Management

If you want absolute visibility over how your suppliers are performing against contracted terms – in real-time – read on.

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RAPid Supplier Performance Management 

A best-in class solution that enables you to streamline and automate supplier performance management processes across the extended enterprise. Intuitive and easy to use, it makes it simple for you to create scorecards, supplier performance surveys and set KPIs to monitor and record supplier performance. The insight you glean from surveys can be connected to other datasets – such as spend – for a complete view. It gives you the flexibility to collect data anytime, anywhere as well as manage supplier management initiatives. 

RAPid Supplier Performance Management offers unleashed potential for an organization by combining any relevant data to obtain a holistic view of your supplier relationships. One single dashboard that provides a 360 degree view of a supplier relationship is now a reality. 

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The benefits of Supplier Performance Management

Monitor supplier progress against strategic and tactical goals and their performance to expected service levels

Link disparate data sources together to get a complete and accurate picture of the risks, costs and opportunities of partnering with suppliers

Painless uptake among stakeholders via a simple, mobile device-compatible interface

Integration with any data source provides a complete profile of supplier relationships

View and analyse performance results in real-time enabling timely response to real-time issues

Tight collaboration with the suppliers helps identifying risks

Build performance scorecards relevant to business in minutes to gather data quickly

Business needs

Why monitor supplier performance?

If your organization relies on suppliers to deliver products and services, which most do, it is critical to manage and monitor their performance. A bad supplier can have a disastrous effect on your supply chain, quality, profit margins and the overall brand reputation of your organization. This, in turn, can have a direct bearing upon perceptions of how your business performs in the financial markets.

Why do organizations need RAPid SPM? 

Mitigate risk

Increased visibility provides management the ability to foresee issues early,  take corrective actions and reduce the risk of costly supply-chain disruptions. 

Reduce costs

Quantify the business effect of late payment days, late delivery, faulty parts or missed SLAs on profit margins.

Improvement in quality of the services/ products

Surveys of internal/external stakeholders on the quality of products/services can help improve quality of supplier offerings.

Integrated performance management of suppliers

Central dashboard gives an all-round picture of the supplier relationship including the scorecards results and KPIs.

Improved collaboration with suppliers and procurement executives

This facilitates stronger relationships with suppliers by rationalizing the supply base. 



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Supplier Performance Management.

Get fast visibility of your supplier performance in days, not months.


"The flexible self-service reporting available in Rosslyn Analytics' RAPid cloud data platform provides us with visibility of our spend across all five of our dispersed campuses and helps us drive the delivery of institution-wide savings."

Kevin Maloney, Manager of Supplier Management, University of Pittsburgh

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