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Enjoy better supplier relationships thanks to robust protection which gives you global visibility over all your contracts.

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RAPid Contract Management

Our solution works by giving you access to a contract database – from any location – it then notifies you of upcoming contract events via a direct email alert. This has provided a real time and money saver with our clients. Use it with the optional Rosslyn Analytics’ RAPid Spend Analytics tools, to link your contracts to your spend data. This way you can ensure notifications are provided to your users based on 'spend thresholds' and any discounts or rebates are brought to your attention if/when applicable. This not only helps you to manage your organization's costs more efficiently but also alleviates risk and drives a continuous process of improvement. 

The benefits of RAPid Contract Management

On-time renewals

Faster time to value

Ease of use

Centralized repository

Compliance tracking

Minimal technical requirements

Flexible reporting

Business Needs

If you work in procurement today you are no doubt under immense pressure to identify and deliver cost savings and one area you can look to improve upon is contract management. Too many organizations still record contracts on paper documents or standalone offline tools which offer little or no process of standardization yet alone compliance. 

A better, more efficient way does exist – RAPid Contract Management. This solution will help you make informed decisions which start right from the point you sign contracts and continue to protect you and alert you during the term of those contracts. For instance contracts can be electronically tagged to notify you that you are due for a rebate when you approach spend thresholds or provide notice alerts so you are protected from contract rollover. All this leads to better, more harmonious relationships with your contracted suppliers.

Why do organizations use RAPid Contract Management? 


  • Maximize the global visibility of contracts from across the organization 
  • Effortless monitoring of contracts that are due for renewal, renegotiation or termination 
  • Enhance the savings opportunities by streamlining procurement within various business lines thereby achieving economies of scale 
  • Easily collaborate with internal and exteranl stakeholders 
  • Minimize risks – regulatory, supply chain, political 

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Product Sheet

Organizations are under immense pressure to identify and deliver cost savings.

There is no better way than through contract management.


"Rosslyn Analytics provides E&I with the functionality and flexibility we need to gain visibility that will help us drive our strategic sourcing efforts and create more value for the thousands of member institutions we serve."

Gary D. Link, Senior Vice President, Contracts and Consulting, E&I

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