The Sinergi Investment Compass

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The Sinergi Investment Compass

Developed by Sinergi, this app is a foundation on which experienced investors can build their approach to risk management and re-inforce investment discipline.

Our simple-to-use dashboard allows you, either as researcher or active investor, to confidently filter the "financial noise" of markets to align investment decisions with investment objectives and time horizons.

The Investment Compass introduces tools that enable you to more easily control and analyze financial information that has previously been "out of reach" to many investors.


Increase your focus on capital preservation by seeking longer term compounding opportunities for your portfolio

Fine-tune existing asset allocation tools by considering more effectively the final stages of selecting suitable investments

Compare Sinergi's Mixed Investment Portfolios for ideas to help you with your own asset allocation challenges

Reduce workload as you quickly look for what you need to know and begin to look for alternative investment opportunities

Maintain an audit trail of suitability as you evidence the what, why and when of your investment recommendation

The Sinergi Heatmap Index

Powerful visualization simplifies data interpretation and turns research in to a discovery process rather than an exercise to validate initial investment theories. 

Our Sinergi Heatmap scale of (-6 to +6) divides in to three distinct low frequency bands (Overweight>3; Underweight <-3; and Benchmark -2 to +2) that allow you to:

Quickly understand current market activity;

Highlight suitable investment opportunities or recent performance that requires action; and

Aim to avoid value erosion before positioning for portfolio growth.

The Heatmap Index and standardized commentary aims to limit "subjective interpretation" allowing you to make more confident decisions without any additional software experience.

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