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Are you still tracking your sourcing projects and savings in Excel?

Many procurement organizations, no matter how mature they are, still rely on Excel to manage their sourcing project portfolio, set targets, track savings, and manage the activity of their buyers.

This presents major challenges in terms of:

  • Reliability - overwritten formulas, poor data quality
  • Productivity - time wasted on filling and consolidating files
  • Collaboration - knowledge is trapped in your buyer's inbox
  • Visibility - data is hard to consolidate and has a low shelf life
  • What if you could reliably pilot your sourcing projects and track savings without effort?
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Savings Tracker

Developed by Per Angusta, Savings Tracker is a web-based, intuitive tool designed to make it easy for you and your buyers to track projects, forecast and track savings... and showcase your performance to the rest of the organization.

The progress on your targets is always up-to-date and you can anticipate risks, identify issues while it is still time to react.

It is also an invaluable tool to deliver customized, meaningful reports to your stakeholders and start a productive, fact-based conversation.

Your buyers will spend their time with suppliers, not filling reports. You will spend your time making decisions based on your reports, not building them.

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Why Build and Track a Sourcing Pipeline?

Visibility- You cannot navigate without a map. A sourcing pipeline gives you clarity on your projects, team’s activity, and objectives.

Focus- Prioritisation of projects is key to delivering the right value at the right time. Your pipeline gives you information to focus on the right priorities.

Communication-Procurement delivers value; you have to make it visible. With up-to-date information on your progress you can engage
meaningful conversations with your stakeholders.

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