RAPid InTouch

Data collection and built-in analytics

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Creating insight starts with collecting information

Rosslyn Analytics has developed a first-of-its-kind self-service tool that allows you to gather data quickly from people using scorecards and surveys.   You are then able to connect this human insight seamlessly to other datasets inside and outside of your organization, for a complete view.

RAPid InTouch empowers business users to collect previously unattainable data for in-depth, real-time analysis, reporting and benchmarking.

The same tool allows technical experts to design new analytical applications based on the data that has been collected - e.g. insight from employees and customers.

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See real-time in-app results for data submitted through forms

Interact with results through clickable graphs and tabular results

Use the rest of the RAPid data platform to perform in-depth analysis of results combined with other sources of information

All-in-One Tool

The use cases for RAPid InTouch are limited only by your imagination. Here are three commonly cited examples defined by role or department.

Insight for human resources professionals:

  • Conduct timely 360-degree employee reviews
  • Monitor performance against SMART objectives
  • Collect employee information such as contact details 
  • Insight for procurement professionals:
  • Assess and track supplier performance 
  • Conduct pre-qualification questionnaires 
  • Review contract compliance 
  • Insight for marketing professionals: 
  • Conduct customer satisfaction surveys
  • Obtain feedback on products
  • Crowd-source innovative ideas from customers
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RAPid InTouch for developers

Fully documented API

Event-based architecture for simple integration into external systems

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