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RAPid CSV Loader is the world’s first and only fully automated analytics solution in the cloud. You no longer need to spend days manually collecting and preparing data for accurate analysis. Detailed analytics is now available within minutes of loading data (in a CSV file) into the RAPid cloud platform.

Now you can obtain more visibility faster than ever before - in just minutes! 

With RAPid CSV Loader, you'll improve employee productivity by automating the entire process so more time is spent on analysis and less on data preparation and data wrangling.

Accelerate time to insight today by leveraging the next generation in analytics with a complete solution includes self-service data cleansing and enrichment tools.  In just minutes, you will be able to interact with data, including tagging and enriching data so it's complete and accurate for visualization and analysis 24/7. 



Go from raw spend data to dashboard in minutes

Self-service tools empower you to continously cleanse and enrich data for accurate analysis

Accelerate time to business value from days to minutes  



An interactive load which alerts you to any errors within your data

Standardized template so you can specify the fields you want to import

Ability to view and modify your data within the platform before import

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