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Lance Mercereau

Chief Marketing Officer

Lance lives and breathes technology, always thinking of new and innovative ways of exploiting the latest such as cloud computing for the benefit of his customers. Lance started his career 20 years ago at the height of the San Francisco dot.com era, advising start-ups on business strategy, customer acquisition, alliance ecosystems, corporate affairs and brand management.

One of his passions is helping to establish professional standards.  He is spearheading the development of the world's first standardized HR taxonomy for more effective reporting and analysis of human capital, in partnership with Dr. Max Blumberg. 

Known for his aggressive “West Coast Offense” approach to marketing, he subsequently moved to and worked in the United Kingdom and the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe where he successfully established in-house marketing organizations and launched products and services for award-winning companies such as Agilent, Dell, IBM, Intel and SAP, targeting enterprises, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and consumers. After a year away as global head of marketing at a technology-focused business consultancy headquartered in London, Lance rejoined Rosslyn Analytics as its Chief Marketing Officer.