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Andrew McConnell

Partner Manager

Andrew has a passionate belief in the power of partnering; that when it comes to technology alliances the whole should be greater than the sum of the parts and that having the right partners can be the making of a vendor's solutions. This is perhaps more true now than it has ever been. It is rare that any one organisation has the granular knowledge of business, technology, market, geography and systems necessary to deliver outcomes by themselves.

Andrew made his bones in the cutthroat world of desktop software sales  (who now can remember the titanic battles for market share between Lotus123 and Supercalc). Since those heady days, a constant principle has been understanding how partners and customers can leverage disruptive technology to provide business benefit. We live in an era where this is more true than ever. The whole way services are being used is changing to a consumption model. This impacts the entire technology supply chain which must adapt to a business-as-a-service model. Some will adapt and thrive and others won’t and wither.

Andrew joined Rosslyn Analytics, as head of partnerships, because of the opportunity to be at the centre of a disruptive technology tornado, creating new and compelling business opportunities for the partner community and helping partners flourish in the world of consumption economics.