Business Strategy

Our Vision

The Group is a leader in cloud-based data analytics, focused on serving the business intelligence marketplace in relation to the Big Data challenge.

Business intelligence aims to improve business insight to support better decision-making by increasing the quality, reliability and visibility of information available to management. In a worldwide study conducted by Gartner, business intelligence was ranked first in the top ten technology priorities for CIOs in 2012.

Rosslyn provides analytical services to its clients by combining four key technologies: data extraction; cleansing; enrichment; and visualization through a single cloud platform enabling users with detailed data to make more informed decisions. Rosslyn’s in house team developed the RAPid platform which delivers cloud technology to customers, and is the Group’s primary product available to customers helping clients solve three core challenges:

1) Data Integration

Problem: Integrating data is extremely time-consuming, and is a manual process, which is hampered by the volume, variety and velocity of data.

Rosslyn Solution: The Rosslyn platform combines and syncs data from 100’s of different sources including common Enterprise Resource Planning (“ERP”) systems such as SAP and Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) platforms such as Salesforce.

2) Data Transformation

Problem: Complicated, requiring skilled labour – “make your data fit our data model” – e.g. linking all the tables and fields.

Rosslyn Solution: Automatic creation of optimal data model. With the Rosslyn solution, the details of every customer and supplier in the Rosslyn environment can be linked to data sources such as Dunn and Bradstreet, Equifax or [any] open source data on the web.  This provides the Group’s customers with a deeper, more dynamic and valuable insight into the business opportunities through the creation of an information network.

3) Visualization

Problem: The data is limited to read-only. Enterprise users cannot manipulate and enhance the data in real-time.

Rosslyn Solution: Easy-to-use, intuitive, and fast reporting framework.  It allows Enterprises to interact with the data in real-time, providing the user with tools to build charts, tables and apps to visualize the information over a cloud internet connection.

Data is growing exponentially and from a variety of unstructured sources, but Rosslyn is able to handle any type of data and turn it into analytics ready data using its propriety platform. The Cloud-based offering makes the solution easy to integrate and very scalable for the client, as well as offering a high ROI.

Business Model

Rosslyn uses a subscription model to sell its product, providing a predictable revenue stream and a foundation for further expansion.

Rosslyn has three main channels to market:

1) Direct with its own sales team;
2) Partnerships with Systems Integrators who offer market solutions “built using RAPid”;
3) Strategic tie-ups with large, more traditional Business Intelligence platform providers who leverage Rosslyn as their cloud platform.

Rosslyn currently has approximately 50 blue-chip direct clients, and 40 partners who are reselling or integrating Rosslyn’s technology into their own offerings.

Subscription agreements are typically for a period of 12 months and paid in advance with the revenue recognised over the life of the contract. The cost is determined by factors such as the number of data feeds, named users and each customer’s use of the Group’s cleansing and enrichment services. Customer subscriptions can range from one user to an enterprise deployment of many hundreds and can scale up to thousands.

Where It Is Investing

Rosslyn’s objectives will be to:

  • Increase market share;
  • Expand global reach;
  • Further develop technology;
  • Extend product offering.

The Group continues to invest into Research & Development, with Data Scientists focused on IP development, and developers working on integration, data enrichment and the platform.

The sales model is both direct and indirect. To augment the direct sales channel, Rosslyn continues to make investment into Sales & Marketing in the areas of Inside Sales, Field Sales, Partner Management, and Account Management. The Group continues to bolster its US presence with further expansionary investment in that geography.