We Focus on the Business of Data

To make data accessible and better for decision-makers around the world. That is our mission.

Who We Are

Rosslyn Analytics is a leading global “data tech” company that is recognized for its new approach to helping organizations create business value from previously inaccessible data.

We have developed exciting award-winning technologies designed specifically for all business users to easily access and turn complex data into meaningful information.

Our initial focus was helping organizations exploit spend data – it is, after all, the most complex of internal datasets. We accomplished this feat, finally taming it. We have now moved onto other data, using cutting-edge technologies delivered in the cloud.

From Data to Action

Our unique combination of business, technology and data expertise has enabled organizations around the world to produce the sharp insights needed to spur the most actionable outcomes. Outcomes that drive revenues, reduce cost and ensure compliance.

Awards & Accreditation

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