Supplier Performance Management

Why Supplier Performance Analytics ?

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Efficient, Flexible and Focused

Build performance scorecards relevant to your business in minutes, gather data fast and improve your supplier management immediately.

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Instant Adoption

Painless uptake among stakeholders via a simple, mobile device-compatible interface.

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360⁰ Real-Time View

Painless uptake among stakeholders via a simple, mobile device-compatible interface.

The fastest way to get visibility of supplier performance in days, not months.

Negotiating great contracts but not realizing the benefits? Feel increasingly exposed to the risk in your supply-chain but have no efficient way of managing it?

The performance of your suppliers, and your relationships with them, have a direct impact on the performance of your business. Without monitoring the health of these relationships, you will not maximize the available returns and may be opening up your business to costly failures and unnecessary risk.

The RAPid Supplier Performance and Analytics Management app, available through the RAPid cloud platform, enables you to collect and manage the data you need for a successful Supplier Relationship Management program.

Accessible through an extremely user-friendly and intuitive interface, you are able to create scorecards and set KPIs to monitor and record supplier performance. This is all available in one application, which is fully integrated into the RAPid platform, providing unbounded potential for combining any relevant data to obtain a holistic view of your supplier relationships. A single dashboard providing a 360 degree view of a supplier relationship is now a reality. Finally.

RAPid Supplier Performance Analytics and Management provides fully integrated user-friendly tools to efficiently collect data anytime, anywhere and flexibly manage your supplier management initiatives: You’re completely in control.