What exactly will customers expect?

Are those expectations set by you, your competitors or others outside your industry like Apple or Amazon?

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The challenge for marketers

Your biggest challenge is engaging and being relevant to, your customers. Yet with data coming at you from multiple sources – marketing systems, web, mobile, social media channels – the sheer volume of data, leaves you little time to really understand what it’s telling you. In fact, it’s nigh on impossible to build one unified, clear picture, let alone make informed, confident decisions on strategy and campaigns.

Make it simple to analyze and manage your customers

Just add and connect all your data sources on our RAPid Cloud Data Platform. This is user-driven (you don’t need us) ‘analytics as a self-service’ –  and almost instantly your analytical capabilities will increase ‘exponentially’ – without the need of IT support. 

Your data becomes proprietary and clients tell us they just can’t replicate the data they have on RAPid. It gives you a competitive edge. This is because of ‘ICE’ — our unique set of powerful data integration, cleansing and enrichment tools which incorporate ‘machine-learning’ technologies.

Not only can you explore, manipulate and transform your data with an interface that learns from you, but your whole team can interact with that data, adding their collaborative, transactional and personal knowledge. With all your data unified on RAPid, you’ll have a joined-up view of prospects, customers, partners and competitors alike and complete control over the measurement and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Better still, other departments – like sales or HR – can add their knowledge so you continue to build intelligence into your data, thereby shaping a tighter, company-comprehensive picture so decisions can be made on real, joined-up insight.  


One platform. Complete marketing visibility

Gain new levels of insight previously inaccessible to you in hours.  Your decision-making prowess will soon be a competitive advantage as you and your colleagues collaboratively interact with and improve the quality of the data loaded into the RAPid Cloud Data Platform.  Easily extend your visibility and reporting capabilities by merely adding more data from any source using our certified connectors.  No data is now out of reach for analysis.  



Uncover and analyze invaluable insight about your customers in order to improve sales 

  • Unmatched visibility into your customers as well as their profitability
  • Insight for identifying, engaging and managing customer engagement and loyalty
  • Strategically segment and profile customers to focus marketing on customers that are most likely to purchase
  • Run predictive models to determine future buying behaviour and campaign response rates


Obtain and respond to customer opinions so you are able to quickly increase loyalty levels  

  • Quickly capture customer interactions and feedback through surveys and scorecards
  • Respond proactively to market and business demands
  • Deliver personalized customer experience
  • Improve product design by incorporating feedback from users
  • Connect new found insight to other internal data including CRM records 


Collect and monitor stakeholder sentiment dispersed across disparate social media channels

  • Monitor conversations in different channels i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Obtain a single, omni-view of your stakeholders across multiple digital channels
  • Create, promote and monitor customized promotions that resonate with your customer base
  • Identify key influencers in various social media channels and apply predictive analytics to identify new engagement opportunities 

What marketing can do on the RAPid platform

Automate extraction of the data from any source - CRM, marketing automation, social media, product information management, spreadsheets and more

Integrate with data from sales, multi-channel digital campaigns, web analytics, finance and HR to create a single relevant repository with our self-service tools

Improve data quality through the optimum blend of machine learning and human interaction

De-duplicate customer names and addresses

Assess and fix incorrect and incomplete email addresses using automated data cleansing tools

Augment data with third-party financial, socio-economic and geo-demographic sources such as D&B and Experian

Automate the classification and categorization of data in real-time for market segmentation

Further enrich data by collecting additional qualitative / quantitative data using surveys and questionnaires (InTouch)

Create and share dashboards, scorecards and maps to measure marketing KPIs and metrics such as sales revenue, cost per lead, customer value

Interactive dashboards provide insight across leads, prospects and customers

Create personalized self-service reports in minutes

Value of Data for Marketing

Core Marketing Data   External Data Sources   Business Value
Marketing data 


Competitive intelligence data 


Secure first mover status with new offerings
Marketing data 


Sales data 


Determine total cost of customer acquisition 
Marketing data 


Customer survey data


Improve marketing and customer service levels by listening to the experiences of customers
Marketing data 


Pricing data


Apply timely discounts to potential customers and existing clients
Marketing data


Employee data


Cost effectively attract new employees and customers

Five steps to creating an Omni-data view of your retail customer

Five key steps you should consider to build a complete and accurate picture of your customer, using data from a number of invaluable internal and external sources

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The value of data for marketing including customer insight

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"Rosslyn Analytics has given Weir Group a powerful data management and reporting tool that feeds our executives with the information they need to make better informed decisions that will benefit our business and suppliers."

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