Streamline processes. Improve productivity.

Manage and mitigate enterprise risk. Strengthen compliance. With real-time visibility you can do it all on RAPid. Push your frontiers.

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Smart, fast financial decisions. Based on unified intelligence.

Today’s business is operating in an ever-changing competitive world market with greater risks and more complexity.  In finance you need to be able to constantly monitor, identify and react with speed to changes in regulation, risk and compliance.

RAPid gives you and your whole team fast, easy access to all your data. It also makes it easy for you to add personal knowledge to that data making it proprietary and even more valuable – without the need of IT support. Further, it arms you with the tools you need to explore, control costs, mitigate risks, formulate strategies and drive change.

One Platform. Complete finance visibility.

RAPid makes it quick and easy for finance users to control data. So dive into the analytical detail behind the performance and profitability of your product and service lines, customers, customer segments, sales channels etc and discover a further benefit –  more free time to focus on higher-value work and innovation opportunities.



Uncover and analyze invaluable insights that maximise your organization’s  profitability 

  • Analyze profitability by product, customer, geography to gain insights into new opportunities
  • Understand and prototype models that lead to profitability
  • Unmatched visibility into your customers’ profitability which can influence cross-selling and up-selling as well as offering tailored services
  • Identify product-mix to maximize profits in the long term


Protect organizational assets and enable growth through GRC visibility

  • Improve compliance reporting such as on diversity by enriching existing data with external sources of information
  • Maximize risk visibility to increase and sustain performance across key business units
  • Manage compliance across multiple sets of regulations, industry etc.


Collaborate on financial planning and budgeting to perform sophisticated financial analysis 

  • Consolidate financial information from different systems to produce accurate budget forecasts
  • Ability to forecast and re-forecast as needed
  • Ability to easily produce a complete set of relationship-based financial reports
  • Support planning models with data from the general ledger, HR, POS, market data and other systems

What Finance can do on the RAPid platform

Automate extraction of data from any source-ledgers, credit systems, asset management systems, ERPs, spreadsheets etc.

Integrate with data from sales, marketing, operations and HR to create a single relevant repository with our self-service tools

Improve data quality through the optimum blend of machine learning and human interaction De-duplicate supplier names and addresses

Address and fix incorrect and incomplete customer details using automated data cleansing tools

Augment data with third-party financial, socio-economic and geo-demographic sources such as D&B, Experian, Hoovers etc. (credit scores, credit history, ultimate parent, geo-tagging)

Automate the classification and categorization of data in real-time e.g. expenses by asset classes

Create and share dashboards, scorecards and maps to measure finance KPIs and metrics such as CAPEX to sales ratio, cash conversion cycle, economic added value etc.

Create personalized self-service reports in minutes Identify patterns, trends, outliers to find opportunities and mitigate corporate risks

Discover how Finance can get more value from data

Core Finance Data   External Data Sources   Business Value
Finance data 


Supply chain data 


Drive down production costs
Finance data 


Market data 


Identify new sources of revenue opportunities 
Finance data 


Commodity price data


Better plan and forecast market fluctuations 
Finance data 


Demographic data


Comply with workforce diversity obligations
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