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With RAPid, you do more than just visualize data. You are now empowered to interact with and change data.

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An innovative cloud analytics platform

RAPid handles any volume, variety or complexity of data. It is the only platform where you can integrate, cleanse and enrich your data thanks to a patented series of unified technologies we call the Data Factory. This reinvents a historically complex, expensive and time-lengthy process and transforms it entirely. Now you can get at your data, interact with that data, enrich it and get the results you need at business pace.  
Discover how our clients reap the benefits of a game changing cloud platform – lower cost, greater reach, and rapid time-to-market from initial idea discovery to final realization.

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A single view of your data is a reality. With RAPid, your organization’s data can be combined from multiple systems and locations ready for cleansing, enrichment and analysis regardless of source.  Our automated connectors make data extraction from source systems easy – implementation will have minimal, or no, IT involvement.

Whether you have structured data in transactional systems, semi-structured data in alternative formats or unstructured sources such as text documents, the data is combined and loaded into RAPid using business-oriented mapping techniques. 

The accuracy of your decisions is only as good as the accuracy and timeliness of information.  It is essential that you are able to cleanse your data such as fixing incorrect supplier names and addresses.  Intuitive data quality tools empower you so you can make those necessary changes quickly and on the spot without waiting on others. 
RAPid features high performance algorithms that auto-identify and correct poor data records. The latest technologies include an automated data transformation that ensures business users have the tools to classify, connect and benchmark data to external sources of information.

Never be left unaware of a potential business risk or opportunity. RAPid offers a powerful enrichment tool, which enable the user to add third-party business information to their data such as geo-location, demographics, ultimate company ownership, credit scores, weather patterns, political risk threats, and much more. 
1.    Third party data sources. Connect your organization’s data to the world’s information through external data feeds such as  company credit risk data and social media sentiment. 
2.    Business rules. Add meaning through business rules, defined by the business user  through an intuitive user interface to classify and ‘tag' data for analysis.  
3.    Data collection. Collect quantitative and qualitative information through easy-to-build scorecards and surveys, fully integrated into existing data. 

Do more than just view data – interact with it.  Your data comes alive on our all-in-one interactive dashboards so you can see patterns and trends, clicking through to the detail for more exploration. 
You can also set-up alerts so that you or key colleagues are informed of an event in your data, such as hitting a spend target with a key supplier. 
Cutting edge human-driven machine learning technologies that combine artificial intelligence and people insight give you the most valuable information available on the planet.  It’s also here that through collaborative tools you are able to continuously enhance the relevancy of data by adding contextual information yourself to the data on RAPid.

RAPid supports a variety of native and third party visualization tools including PowerBI, QlikView, Qlik Sense and others – so you’re up and running in minutes without ever having to buy a software license or server.  
Use Rosslyn’s pre-built dashboards and reports, or create your own.

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The Data Factory puts the business user in control.

The technologies behind RAPid make it really easy for you to interact with your data and create and deliver analytics solutions faster than before.

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"Rosslyn Analytics has given Weir Group a powerful data management and reporting tool that feeds our executives with the information they need to make better informed decisions that will benefit our business and suppliers."

Trevor Latham, Group Head of Procurement, Weir Group Plc

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