Empowering the business user.

Get at your data faster. Interact with it. Analyze what you want when you want. Easy.

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Putting the business user in control. Revolutionary.

RAPid has disrupted the game. It gives all business users the capability to improve data quality in real-time. Now you can search, filter, classify and edit all your centralized data. You can also develop, test new and share analytical apps – fast.  
RAPid’s advanced technologies are designed to be easy-to-use. So you don’t need to be a data analyst or IT expert to quickly edit, classify and tag data yourself. You’ll also save your business a fortune, because there will be no need to invest in IT infrastructure or security because our RAPid platform contains every technology you will ever need. We invest in keeping it cutting-edge and future proof so you don’t have to. 

Accelerated high performance business insights 

As well as dramatically cutting the time it takes for you to get your data, the technologies behind RAPid make it really easy for you to interact with that data. Unique data tagging, rules and write-back capabilities enable you to personalize your data – we’ve made it easy for you to add your own role-based knowledge to improve both quality and relevance. Our schema builder and dimension manager apps enable you to classify and organize information using intuitive drag and drop features. Combined search and query enables you to seamlessly search and filter both structured and unstructured data simultaneously. 
RAPid technologies make it simple and easy for the business user to create and deliver analytics solutions.

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The big problem facing organizations today is complexity of technology

The sheer volume and variety of data, is only dwarfed by the technical solutions claiming the answer. It's stopping decision-makers taking decisions and traditional approaches to business intelligence or information management are too complex to set-up and use without a NASA Phd.




Disparate reporting systems cause further havoc and expense

Business users must be able to easily get at, organize and manage data quickly — without waiting on others. Something must change. 

What if all this complexity was gone?

What if you didn't have to waste time and expense agonizing over technology selection and provision — because someone had done all this thinking and created the architecture and component technology for you?

What if all the many disparate technologies...



Became... the 'one' cloud analytics platform

For the first time bringing together all the technologies you need to get at and actively manage your organization's data analytic needs both today, and tomorrow. 

All the mind-bending complexity is masked

You – the business user – are now in complete control of the data you want to collect, organize and improve for visualization and analysis. Now all your technologies exist on one platform you can have instant access to your data.

Welcome to a better way — RAPid.

Join the revolution. Where simplicity of use is the ultimate sophistication — all you have to do is login.


Forget buying and integrating multiple technologies to start your next analytics project. Use our RAPid platform. With one subscription reduce unnecessary IT expenditure and start analysing data today, not in three months. 

Respond with lighting speed to unforeseen market forces. To extend reporting, just add more data to the platform – no more bolt-ons.





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"Rosslyn Analytics' RAPid Big Data Cloud Analytics Platform - with embedded integration, cleansing, enrichment, analysis and visualization tools - gives business users the power to be in control of obtaining, improving and managing the relevancy and quality of data required for effective decision-making."

Garth Fort, General Manager of the Cloud & Enterprise Partner Group at Microsoft

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