How to find the hidden value in your supply base

Procurement professionals have traditionally delivered bottom-line value by creating savings that result in increased profits.  However, once major savings opportunities have been fully identified, delivered and accounted for, how does procurement continue to contribute to the business?  

To adress these challenges, Rosslyn hosted a webinar to provide you with new and practical ideas on how you can directly contribute to your company’s growth objectives – generating revenue, increasing market share and enhancing product development – by meeting the expectations of your customers using the resources and expertise of the supply base. This session will also share best practice guidance on how to:

  • Develop a supply base management strategy that is aligned to customer satisfaction  
  • Create a capability to encourage, manage and track ideation from your supply base that benefits your customers
  • Accelerate product innovation by improving information share among your internal stakeholders (finance, sales, marketing, product)
  • Move procurement’s value contribution from cost management to revenue generation by leveraging existing resources in your organization's supply base

Hosted by Lance Mercereau, CMO, Rosslyn Data Technologies, and features digital supply base expert, David J. Ward, a Visiting Fellow at University of Surrey Business School, 'How to find the hidden value in your supply base' is a must-see session. 

Watch the recording of this webinar on-demand today. 


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