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2017 Report on the State of Procurement in US Higher Education

Rosslyn Data Technologies is proud to announce the results of a first-of-a-kind report into the State of Procurement in Higher Education.

The ground breaking report is the most comprehensive research into the state of procurement at universities and colleges in the United States.  It sets out the major trends impacting higher education and the key issues likely to influence the future success and transformation of procurement departments at universities and colleges as schools evolve in an era of self-reliance, with less revenue from public sources than before.

"Rosslyn Data Technologies has provided a value service in canvassing the views of so many procurement professionals across       higher education.  The report shines useful insight, empowering senior staff with a better understanding of how their procurement departments are organized and performing in comparison to peers" - Jim Newman, Director of Strategic Procurement, University of Maryland at College Park.

A few of the findings :

  • Top three strategic priorities of institutions over the next three years are enhancing the student experience, improving operational efficiencies and reducing costs
  • The number one strategic focus of procurement in the next 18 months is improving operational efficiencies according to 32% of respondents
  • 51% of procurement leaders will achieve their strategic goals by using data and analytics though 38% said they don’t have the right data to make informed decisions
  • Adoption of analytics isn’t wide spread in procurement departments with 38% of survey takers remarking that they rely on Excel to analyze data

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