Why analytics-based category management is the future of procurement

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75% of procurement leaders view category management as a strategic priority, with successful organizations having embedded the process into day-to-day work life.  However, according to research from Future Purchasing, only 20% of procurement organizations have category strategies in place for more than 75% of spend - leaving huge savings opportunities untapped and undelivered.  

Watch this video and learn why analytics is the cornerstone of a successful category management program, empowering procurement professionals with the necessary insight to deliver more business value than traditional sourcing and supplier management approaches.     

Hosted by Lance Mercereau, Chief Marketing Officer, Rosslyn Analytics, the webinar features well-known procurement expert, Mark Webb, Managing Director, Future Purchasing, who shares his insights and ideas on how you can become a category management leader and generate more 40% more savings than followers.  


You will also learn:

•    Key business metrics including performance improvement from category management 
•    How analytics should be used in developing a category management program
•    Why a data strategy is important to better knowing your suppliers
•    Tips to identify quick wins and longer-term savings opportunities 
•    What individual skills you should be developing to support your category strategy 
•    What practices your organization should adopt to become a category management leader


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