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Example Category Playbook

Over the last year or so we have helped clients and, specifically, category managers gather and develop a number of industry standard analytical models around category management as they look to standardize and scale their processes. 

We are seeing many teams under growing pressure to shorten sourcing cycles.  To achieve this, they are looking for smarter ways to navigate as quickly as possible through the complexities whilst being able to share the findings in a familiar, standardized manner. 

We have consolidated a number of these templates together to create a “library” of what may be useful models and templates.  We have put them in a logical sequence (tabs at the bottom of the Excel) but this can be used in any way you wish and is completely configurable. 

We will aim to add to this as we come across more relevant models. 

A client saw it recently and said to me that it was a great little piece of work that will create value.  Check it out. 

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