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Rosslyn Analytics Launches New Cloud-Based HR Analytics Solution

New software-as-a-service offering unifies structured and unstructured data sources in hours  


London, United Kingdom – 14 March 2016:  Rosslyn Analytics (LON: RDT) today announced the immediate availability of the industry’s most comprehensive cloud analytics solution for human resources professionals struggling to answer business critical questions on-demand.

Developed for speed, the pre-built RAPid HR Analytics solution provides HR professionals with a single view of employees and workforce-related issues and opportunities in days, not months, because of powerful data extraction, cleansing and enrichment (ICE) technologies developed by Rosslyn Analytics.

“Cloud computing is transforming the human resources profession like never before,” stated Charles Clark, CEO, Rosslyn Analytics. “Rosslyn Analytics is in the business of making HR professionals more intelligent, and more productive, by giving them all the self-service tools to easily collect, connect and analyze data so confident decision-making can happen at the pace of business.”

The new HR cloud analytics solution, delivered as a service (SaaS), significantly accelerates time to insight and employee productivity by automating manual data collection, transformation and management processes in Rosslyn’s single cloud analytics platform called RAPid

Common business use cases for RAPid HR Analytics include: analyzing and monitoring recruitment and retention investments; producing timely compliance reports on employee diversity; conducting employee satisfaction and performance reviews; reviewing and benchmarking compensation and benefit packages; forecasting workforce planning including labour and skills requirements; increasing the business capability for assessing organisational effectiveness.

The RAPid platform also provides business users with a suite of self-service tools to easily integrate, cleanse and enrich data themselves for visualization in interactive dashboards, such as:

  • Connectors that extract data from source systems such as SAP and Oracle starting in minutes  
  • Ready-to-use data warehouse with write back capability that securely stores unified data
  • Dynamic data schema that responds to the ever changing format of information
  • Self-service data classification and tagging engine empowers users to update data  
  • Easy-to-use tools to quickly cleanse and improve data quality 24/7
  • Collect and connect employee survey results to core HR data
  • Drill-down management dashboard for visualizing HR metrics and scorecards

HR professionals are now able to do more than just conduct historical and present time analysis.  Leveraging the power of the RAPid Cloud Analytics Platform on Microsoft Azure, customers can conduct advanced analytics in order to predict hiring success, training needs and employee performance.

Despite high expectations for analytics, 80% of HR practitioners say they still rely on “gut feelings” to make people-based decisions, according to a survey conducted by the Human Capital Institute. 

Rosslyn Analytics has also published a piece of research that showcases the typical journey HR departments take when adopting analytics.  


About Rosslyn Analytics

Rosslyn Analytics (AIM: RDT), a leading global data technology company, helps organizations create new business value from previously inaccessible data.   We have developed exciting award-winning technologies designed specifically for business users to easily access and turn complex data into meaningful information via our RAPid Cloud Analytics Platform, powered by Microsoft Azure.  No other platform, on premise or in the cloud, is such a game-changer, with an intelligent data technology stack that includes human-driven machine learning and open source technologies such as Hadoop, MongoDB and Elastic. For more information including a demo, visit or @RosslynBI.

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