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The future of technology for procurement teams


At no time in history has the procurement professional been able to create so much commercial value.  The rapid pace of technological innovation has empowered procurement teams with new levels of insight not possible a few years ago.  

Perhaps not surprisingly, by embracing new technologies such as cloud computing, analytics and machine learning, procurement has been instrumental to the success of their organizations. They are increasingly viewed as strategic business advisors, taking ownership of an umbrella of corporate initiatives, from cost control to risk mitigation to innovation management.

This webinar, hosted by Paul Cook, VP of Global Sales, at Rosslyn Analytics, will show you:

  • Key considerations when choosing the right cloud analytics solution 
  • What must-have technologies you should expect in your analytics solution
  • What level of customer service you should expect during and after go-live
  • What business value you should expect delivered and when after deployment 

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