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Live Q&A for Finance and Procurement Professionals

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How can finance and procurement work better together to create more business value? 

This is one of many questions that was discussed in a live panel discussion hosted by Rosslyn Analytics’ Paul Cook, VP Global Sales, Gert van der Heijden, Editor of Spend Matters Netherlands, and Han Kieftenbeld, an experienced international CFO and CPO.

  • What types of data should I be using more of to create short-term savings?
  • What are the top five KPIs finance should expect from procurement?
  • How do I effectively maintain savings year on year?
  • What other parts of the business could benefit from procurement’s expertise?
  • How do I identify and evaluate an analytics vendor for my company?
  • What are the most pressing business risks I should be monitoring right now?
  • What analytical skills should I bring into my team?
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