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Start to automatically extract SAP data in two minutes


Be one of the first in the world to get an in-depth look at RAPid Extract Studio, probably the fastest way to extract SAP data.

Integrating disparate data sources into a single view is one of the most challenging issues facing organizations – and it just got a lot easier with the launch of an exciting new data extraction capability

Rosslyn Analytics, launched its next generation RAPid Extract Studio, a suite of apps that allow organizations to start to securely extract SAP data in just two minutes.  Your valuable data is then pushed to RAPid, one of the fastest growing big data cloud analytics platform, for seamless integration, cleansing and enrichment using human-driven machine learning technologies.

This video shows how you can put your SAP data to work for you like never before. Hugh Cox, Chief Data Officer, and Andrew Spencer, Head of Product Development at Rosslyn Analytics, lead the discussion and present a demo of this new tool.  

Key benefits of RAPid Extract Studio for SAP:

  • Easily create, define and control multiple data extractions on multiple instances in multiple locations locally
  • Obtain 100% data integration faster than traditional tools
  • Effectively cleanse and enrich your SAP data using our self-service tools all in one place
  • Radically shorten your analytics journey from many months to mere days.
  • Generate a greater return on your SAP investments by monetizing existing data assets
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