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The importance of RAPid integration

Looking at the gamut of vendors in the analytics space today, it’s no wonder that there is confusion about the best solution for your organization’s needs. Is it a case of pairing apples with apples (or oranges), or with a Ferrari?

Not all analytics are the same – most view your data in disparate “chunks”, able to complete part of the process of improving your data, but not all of it.

This leaves organizations with a costly (and time-consuming headache) – frequently having to rely on already overstretched IT departments to bolt together disparate pieces of technology to try and achieve a single, holistic view of data. Inevitably there are gaps.

All this contributes to a continuing mistrust of data, and continues to lead to the organization working in siloes – across data and departments.

Added to this – multiple pieces of technology can be siloed within departments – keeping vital tools for data management and analytics for the purview of the few, rather than the many. Costly instances and training may need to be set up for multiple departmental access, with separate data sets loaded on a case-by-case basis for each department – this simply isn’t scalable.

These siloes also mean that valuable cross-departmental, collaborative insight is being missed, that could prove invaluable for the organization.

By considering your organization’s data and analytics needs as a whole, and taking the same approach to the tools needed, you will maximize your chances of success. After all, you wouldn’t buy a toolkit and then keep all the tools in separate toolboxes in different garages would you?

This integrated approach is what we have kept at the forefront of our minds throughout the development and expansion within our RAPid platform – it’s not just about enabling everyone to have access to the right tools and data they need today, but also futureproofing for what might be needed tomorrow and beyond, and making the tools available to you when you need it.

Within RAPid, you have access to a complete suite of tools that will take you and your organization throughout your data needs – from extraction, to integration, cleansing, enrichment, analytics and beyond.

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