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Eliminate supplier risk blind spots

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How shockproof is your organization to unplanned for supply chain risks?  What is your financial exposure to China’s slowing market?  Do you have contingency plans if your supplier’s supplier goes bust?   

Answers to these and many other mission-critical questions can only come from data. Unfortunately, data is often fragmented, and not unified into one view for quick and easy analysis.

This webinar, hosted by Paul Cook, VP Global Sales, Rosslyn Analytics, explains how to prepare your organization for an increasingly volatile business environment. You will also learn:

  • How a new analytics approach has been developed for organizations that sheds light on supply chain risks for the first time
  • How cloud analytics can shorten the response time to and costs of unexpected supply chain disruptions
  • What data sources should you be using in your supplier risk assessments and why
  • Five economic, financial and geo-political risks you should be monitoring over the next 12 months 
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