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WEBINAR ONDEMAND: How to develop an analytics proof of concept in a day using SAP data


Managing data is a challenge for SAP users with 65% of respondents saying their organization’s data volumes have increased in excess of 40% over the last three years, according to research from the UK & Ireland SAP User Group.

Much of the investment in SAP can be lost through low user adoption as a result of poor data quality.  The RAPid Big Data Cloud Analytics Platform solves this problem by giving business users the means to correct and manage data for themselves, thereby creating greater returns on investment. 

You will learn how to:

  • Use our next-generation RAPid SAP Extract Studio (certified by SAP) to simplify the configuration, initiation and automation of data extraction from SAP in hours, not months.
  • Easily accelerate the integration of SAP data with other sources in response to ever-changing business information needs.
  • Leverage the RAPid Big Data Cloud Analytics Platform for real-time data cleansing and enrichment by business users using self-service tools. 
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