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How QlikView users make better decisions with better data from Rosslyn Analytics


Business leaders need accurate data without delay because bad or incomplete data results in poor decisions which costs companies millions.

A problem with traditional business intelligence is data preparation remains an IT managed project separate from visualization and out of reach of the decision-maker – until now.

This webinar is for QlikView business users that doubt the accuracy of their data, and need to improve its quality.  You will learn how Rosslyn Analytics’ RAPid Big Data Cloud Analytics Platform, and its embedded data quality tools, empowers everyone to create and benefit from relevant and personalized information. 

Nick Baddeley, Partner/Sales Manager, and Andrew Spencer, Head of Product Management, from Rosslyn Analytics, will also share with you: 

  • What cutting-edge technologies must be on your radar in order to future proof your organization’s data management and analytics competencies
  • See a live demo of how poor quality data is transformed into relevant and accurate information for visualization such as accurate company names and addresses
  • How organizations are gaining deeper insights by adding external sources of structured and unstructured data to QlikView including employee, customer and supplier information



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