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WEBINAR ONDEMAND: How to build a sourcing pipeline through forward-looking spend visibility

Developing a strategic sourcing pipeline to set targets, track savings and forecast is the main aim of many procurement departments. However many organizations struggle: how can you effectively identify the key components that make up the sourcing pipeline as well as the right tools that can help you implement the right sourcing programme successfully? 

Rosslyn Analytics invites you to join Pierre Lapree, Founder of Per Angusta (and former Director of Group Procurement at Adecco) and Paul Cook (Vice President, Sales at Rosslyn Analytics) for an insightful discussion on “How to build a sourcing pipeline through forward-looking spend visibility.” Pierre will share his experience of using spend analytics to identify, manage and track cost savings. 

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • How to accurately detect opportunities for (re)negotiation in your spend data 
  • Set savings targets, update forecasts and report on savings 
  • Manage your sourcing pipeline and your team’s activity in real-time, even in a decentralized setup 
  • Track and control true savings based on your spend data
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