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WEBINAR ONDEMAND: Seven technological breakthroughs that will help you generate new value from spend data


Advances in technology have changed how you work.  The days of waiting weeks for data from IT or manually categorizing thousands of rows are thankfully long gone. 

In 2008, Rosslyn Analytics pioneered self-service spend analytics in the cloud so you can easily collect, transform and manage the data you want, when you want, however you want. 

Today, a new and exciting technological innovation has come to market. 

Attend this webinar to see how your organization can exploit the latest automated self-service tools to turn your most prized data into a competitive advantage.  You will learn how to maximize the savings opportunities that already exist within your data – but which aren’t being monetized.

Hosted by Hugh Cox, Chief Data Officer, and Georgina Lindsey, Product Manager, you will see the latest innovations available to you from one powerful RAPid Cloud Data Platform:  

  • Automatically extract and combine data from SAP and other high value sources 
  • Cleanse data by auto-populating incomplete supplier addresses in seconds
  • Enrich data by adding contextual information such as parent-child relationships 
  • Auto-classify spend data using your choice of category taxonomy
  • Re-classify data at any time, with full audit trail and approval workflow
  • Create new interactive reports in minutes without asking IT
  • Search for and identify potential savings opportunities by category 


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