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It’s the time of year when we turn our attention to those we love the most, but it is perhaps times like these when we should think of those that we have neglected.

This Valentine’s, we’re asking you to Love Data.

According to research commissioned by Rosslyn Analytics earlier this year, poor quality data was one of the biggest barriers to it being used within organizations. This may go some way to explain why only 23% of business decision-makers closely align business strategy to data.

This has led to data being underappreciated and unloved.

Because data has been ignored and neglected by organizations for too long, in far too many cases, it’s not ready to be used for analysis purposes. It needs to be given some attention for it to deliver real value for the organization and improve your long-term prospects.

So start to show your data some love – look to ways you can improve its quality, and bring it closer to the heart of your business. You may find that you get more back than you gave in the first place.

We’ll be tweeting on the #LoveData hashtag today – join in and tell us about your own data romance. 

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