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Mayor of Detroit could generate $197 million savings from free spend analytics


Rosslyn Analytics is willing to offer free cloud-based spend analysis to help city turnaround

New York – September 9, 2014:    Rosslyn Analytics today announces that the pioneer of cloud-based analytics is committed to helping the people of Detroit fix its city's finances by offering free spend analytics to government officials including mayor Mike Duggan.

Spend analytics is used by organizations such as finance and procurement to identify savings that can be reallocated to strengthening financial operations, ensuring the delivery of public services and in this case, to help to reduce the city’s massive $12 billion debt.

“Detroit’s elected leaders have a once in the lifetime opportunity to transform a struggling city into a thriving metropolis,” said Jeff Sweetman, Chief Operating Officer, Rosslyn Analytics.  “Rosslyn Analytics believes companies should step forward and invest in modernizing the running of government for and by the people.  For this reason alone, we are willing to commit our technology and domain area expertise, providing free spend analytics to city officials so they are able to make better decisions on behalf of taxpayers.”

Rosslyn Analytics estimates that if city officials use* RAPid, its cloud-based data analytics platform, which can automatically transform raw data into actionable information, Detroit could create $197 million savings in two to three years.  Of this total, $5 million savings could be found within the first few months due to the speed in which RAPid is able to provide accurate and detailed visibility.

Savings from using the RAPid platform is 451% more than the $35.8 million outlined in Kevyn Orr’s restructuring plan as a result of making “process related enhancements, consolidation of vendors, and other Purchasing Division restructuring initiatives.”

Rosslyn Analytics’ calculated $197,500,000 savings could come from five areas (calculated from industry averages):

  • Better buying of goods and services:  $100 million
  • Stop erroneous payments to suppliers:  $5 million
  • Improve contract compliance:  $90 million
  • Reduce incidents of potential fraud: $2 million
  • Efficient data reporting wins:  $500,000

“Detroit can generate real and tangible savings without investing a penny in software or consultants,” added Jeff Sweetman.   “For the future of Detroit, I hope Mayor Mike Duggan takes our offer.  He only needs to email me at”

At $2 trillion a year, public sector procurement is the biggest lever that the government – federal, state, local - has to deliver cash savings, support economic growth and reaffirm the global economic leadership of the United States.

Rosslyn Analytics has extensive experience of working with public sector organizations. In 2010, the company proved the power of cloud analytics by validating the ease and speed in which the UK’s spend data could be transformed into actionable information. Within 18 hours of HMRC releasing 30 million rows of raw Combined Online Information System (COINS) data from 2005 to 2010, the team made the insight publically available to taxpayers.

*Rosslyn Analytics proposes to offer a free two-year subscription to RAPid.

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