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University of Exeter - Transforming data into actionable intelligence as part of multi-million savings drive

Rosslyn Analytics was chosen to provide a cloud-based spend data management solution which would provide all users with an accurate and categorized view of the university’s spend data from one single data management and analytics platform, RAPid.

By using the RAPid, the University of Exeter was able to:

  • Provide procurement teams with a categorized view of spend within minutes of loading,
  • Develop a Value for Money (VfM) strategy as a result of improved spend visibility.

The University of Exeter’s Head of Procurement was able to deliver more than £100,000 in savings within three months of using RAPid by better purchasing of personal computers, and achieve an initial Return on Investment (ROI) of 1,000%.

“The invention of RAPid has revolutionized how quickly and efficiently organizations are able to transform their data into actionable intelligence to drive real savings.”

To discover more of the University of Exeter’s success with RAPid, download the case study here.

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