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Aberdeen Aberdeen Asset Management: Spend Visibility Reduces Costs, Improves Compliance

Aberdeen Asset Management, the global investment management group, needed to develop a dashboard of the “spending positions” of its assets for its global procurement and finance departments.

By using Rosslyn Analytics’ RAPid platform, Aberdeen Asset Management was able to:

  • Achieve category savings of 40% in Print and Paper; 30% in Stationary; 20% in Recruitment and 15% in T&E

  • Improve contract compliance by 55% in the first year through the Contract Management app

  • Obtain an initial Return on Investment (ROI) of 250% within eight weeks of engaging Rosslyn Analytics


“The RAPid analytics platform has painlessly modernized our spend analytics capabilities overnight by giving us the visibility needed to make confident, real-time decisions that have had a positive impact on our bottom line.”


To learn more about the spend visibility achieved by Aberdeen Asset Management, download the case study here.

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