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HM Treasury - Rosslyn Analytics turns COINS database of UK government expenditure into information in 18 hours.

Rosslyn Analytics sought to demonstrate the ease and speed in which the UK’s spend data could be transformed into actionable information, and loaded the Combined Online Information System (COINS) database of public sector expenditure data into its RADAR engine for processing, including automated cleansing, categorization (e.g. COFOG) and enrichment.

In only 18 hours, using the RAPid data management and analytics platform, Rosslyn Analytics was able to:

  • Transform more than 30 million rows of raw data into information

  • Dynamically created data-driven dimensions (e.g. time period, data type)

  • Provided the general public access to all COINS data from 2005-2010 through a dedicated microsite


To discover how Rosslyn Analytics transformed UK spend data, download the case study here.

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